-Reliable, remarkable, eco-typic Kootenay Native Plants for sale
-Grown from sustainably collected wild and cultivated seed
-Current stock seeded fall 2023 
-Enrich and strengthen your gardens and their surrounding ecosystems with unexpectadly stunning native plants
-also check out Kinseed Ecologies in Nelson for native plants
Garden Understories endeavors to give you high level professional service, from communication to labour to advice, while respecting your desires, lifestyle and budget. 
Fruit Trees
-Pruning February-April, July-August
-Establish and maintain good structural framwork on young plantings
-Renovate mature/malpruned/neglected trees 
-Bring & keep tree to managable height
-Exit the yearly water-shoot response cycle; encourage healthy reproductive growth instead of vegetative growth
-Remove dead/disased/damaged and old, low-vigour growth
-Evaluate fungal/insect pest issues and create action plan (prioritizing foundational health and simple, non-toxic practices)
-Deep root fertilization
-Planting consultation 
-Learn fruit tree care fundamentals
Softscape Design
Enriching both the human and more-than-human experience
-Specializing in professional, joyful, low maintenance, drought tolerant garden design
-Kooptenay native plants, reliable favoured ornamentals, medicinal herbs, pollinator and food plants
-From tidy beds around the house to cohesive whole-property designs to atmospheric meadows in the "back 40", and everything in between
-Resourceful designs that work within your budget and energy parameters
-Tips on bringing costs down if necessary
-Tips on future maintenance to ensure success and satisfaction
-Design papers including scale drawings; legend; plant ID, description/features and photos 

Softscape Install
-Site prep including soil amending, grading
-Special planting protocol to support growth and self-sufficiency (nutrients and water)
-creative and resourceful ideas to complete design using materials onsite or nearby
Garden Care
There are "low maintenance" gardens, but there are not "no maintenance" gardens. 
 -Weeding, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, soil-building, transplanting, raking etc.
 -Keeping the garden healthy and beautiful
-Insight and advice for your own design and/or maintenance



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