Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring is here. 
Here are some things from the last few days
blending work and play

infusing neighbourhood dandelion, cherry and plum blossom vinegars

while looking for a spot to pee...

working in a pond, there was a little birdie hanging around, and then I came across this sweet scene in the middle of the cattail stand. Realizing I may be causing this sparrow some worry, I stepped away for lunch to let her feel safe and sit

and then some butter-sauteed cattail shoots as part of the evening's supper

when you embrace the health-supprting offerings of our local "weeds"
 open your palate to their wild flavours 
instead of despair
the sight of them brings joy:
burdock root for tomorrow's supper

"blending work and play"
... which is which?